Our Mission Statement

To provide high quality, approved hunting, fishing and outdoor destinations made available through our trained sales team members and to administer the highest level of customer service to our clients so they may fully enjoy their outdoor experience.

Who We Are

Outdoor Connection opened its doors in 1989 and has established itself in the outdoor industry through a commitment to customer service combined with a passion for the outdoors.

A network of sales team members represent 200+ approved lodges, outfitters and guide services located around the world.  The participation and value of Outdoor Connection sales team members in selecting, inspecting and approving lodges and outfitters is reflected in the high customer satisfaction of Outdoor Connection clients.

The “Who We Are” of Outdoor Connection is best explained by the customer service client relationships earned and developed by sales team members. Clients have learned to expect the highest level of service prior to, during and following their outdoor adventure. Outdoor Connection delivers on that expectation because of their first hand personal experiences.

Why Book With Us?

There are a multitude of reasons to use the services of Outdoor Connection. At the top of the list is the high level of service that we provide for each of our clients before, during and after the hunt. As important is the fact that our services are free to you….our client. Finally, we offer a blend of services that will make your search for an outdoor adventure more attractive.

With 200+ lodge, outfitter and guide choices and sales consultants across the United States, we are positioned to be your worldwide hunting and fishing authority. Our services include providing you with destination options, travel arrangements, trip itineraries, up to date customs regulations, travel insurance, references, family trip options, corporate destinations, hunting and fishing travel locations…all based on our own approved lodges and outfitters, our experience and our own personal testimonials.

Contact Outdoor Connection today and realize the value that close to 30 years in the outdoor industry, combined with approved lodges and outfitters can bring to your planning. Can you afford not to?